iShares MSCI Japan Index





Stock Price
Open: 52.10
Prev. Close: 52.01
Low/Hi: 52.06 - 52.22
52-Week: 44.60 - 52.38
Equity: 5,902,809
90-Day Avg: 6,309,249
Option: 785
90-Day Avg: 3,811
Today: 3.7
20-Day: 9.6
52-Week: 12.5
30-Day IV: 9.8 -0.1
IV Rank: 0.27 (Subdued)
Dividend: 20-Jun $0.315 (Est.)
Div. Yield: 1.8%
Net Expense Ratio: 0.48%
Stock Type: ETF | Family: iShares | Category: Japan Stock

EWJ Option Strategy Payout Diagram


Shows a payoff diagram at expiration for different option strategies that the user can select. The diagram assumes standard contract terms and is for illustrative purposes. The contracts' details are auto populated with prices from delayed data for convenience. The prices represent the mid-point between the NBBO bid and ask.

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