iShares MSCI Japan Index





Stock Price
Open: 51.82
Prev. Close: 51.46
Low/Hi: 51.72 - 51.85
52-Week: 44.60 - 52.38
Equity: 4,230,223
90-Day Avg: 6,355,285
Option: 983
90-Day Avg: 3,786
Today: 11.1
20-Day: 9.6
52-Week: 12.5
30-Day IV: 10.3 -1.9
IV Rank: 0.33 (Subdued)
Dividend: 20-Jun $0.315 (Est.)
Div. Yield: 1.8%
Net Expense Ratio: 0.48%
Stock Type: ETF | Family: iShares | Category: Japan Stock

EWJ Volatility Skew


Volatility skew is a measure of market implied volatility to both the upside and the downside, and the comparison of how they relate to each other. The following charts enable you to view the volatility skew for each option expiration listed for EWJ, comparing against other expirations and previous closing values. You can also view a 30-day constant maturity skew for EWJ, both the current value and historical.

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