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Stock Price
Open: 14.29
Prev. Close: 14.51
Low/Hi: 14.27 - 14.40
52-Week: 8.65 - 14.74
Equity: 15,440,043
90-Day Avg: 20,156,591
Option: 179,437
90-Day Avg: 131,941
Todays Stock Vol: 24.5
20-Day (HV): 20.3
52-Week (HV): 24.1
30-Day IV: 23.8 -0.9
IV Pct Rank: 55% Moderate
Div. Yield:
Net Expense Ratio: 0.45%
Stock Info
Type: ETF
Family: United States Commodity Funds LLC
Category: Commodities Energy

USO Option Trades


View all of today's option trades for USO listed options. An option trade summary, available in a separate tab below, splits volume by Calls and Puts, and Out-of-the-Money vs. At-the-Money vs. In-the-Money. Trading Edge is defined herein as the difference between the trade price and the midpoint of the best-bid/best-offer market. Use the drop-down to view trades from previous trading days.

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1: The Side describes the relation of the trade price to the NBBO bid and ask prices:

  • Below: Price is below the bid
  • Bid: Price is at the bid
  • Mid: Price is between the bid and ask
  • Ask: Price is at the ask
  • Above: Price is higher than the ask
  • Other: cross market, no market, etc.

2: The condition codes come from OPRA. Here are their comments on those codes:

  • Regular: Transaction was a regular sale without stated conditions
  • OutOfSequence: Transaction is being reported late and is out of sequence; ie. later transactions have been reported for this particular option
  • SoldLast: Transaction is being reported late but is still in the correct sequence
  • OpenReportOutOfSequence: Transaction is a late report of the opening trade and is out of sequence
  • OpenReportInSequence: Transaction is a late report of the opening trade but is still in the correct sequence
  • AutoExecution: Transaction was executed electronically; Processed like a regular trade
  • ReOpen: Transaction is a reopening of an option contract in which trading has been previously halted
  • AdjTerms: Transaction is an option contract for which the terms have been adjusted to reflect a stock dividend, split or similar event
  • Spread: Transaction represents a trade in two options in the same class (a buy and a sell in the same class)
  • Straddle: Transaction represents a trade in two options in the same class (a buy and a sell in a put and a call)
  • BuyWrite: Transaction represents the option portion of an order involving a single option leg (buy or sell) and shares of stock
  • Combo: Transaction represents the buying of a call and the selling of a put for the same underlying stock or index
  • StoppedIM: Transaction was the execution of an order which was 'Stopped' at a price that did not constitute a Trade-Through on another market
  • IntermarketSweep: Transaction was the execution of an order identified as an Intermarket Sweep Order
  • Benchmark: Transaction resulting from the matching of "Benchmark Orders". A "Benchmark Order" is an order for which the price is not based on the quote price of the option at the time of the order’s execution.
  • TradeThruExempt: Transaction reflects execution of a Trade-Through Exempt order

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