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80-Plus PrimeLending Loan Originators Recognized as 2024 Top Originators Nationally

Business Wire 3-Apr-2024 3:32 PM

Leading national residential mortgage lender PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company, announced that 84 loan originators have earned 2024 Scotsman Guide Top Originator awards, including 66 loan originators from PrimeLending and 18 loan originators from Highland HomeLoans, a PrimeLending affiliate.

"We take enormous pride in having the most talented and passionate team of home loan professionals in the industry," said PrimeLending Chief Production Officer Tim Elkins. "These individuals exemplify our commitment to continually exceeding the expectations of our customers while helping them reach their homeownership goals."

Congratulations to the following mortgage professionals who made Scotsman Guide's Annual Top Originators list. Across the country, these outstanding professionals are leading the way in providing phenomenal service to our customers.

PrimeLending (NMLS: 13649)

  • Amanda McCall, Loan Originator (NMLS# 659241)
  • Scott Fleming, Branch Manager (NMLS# 657538)
  • Chuck Hage, Branch Manager (NMLS# 129921)
  • Myron Chamberlain, Production Manager (NMLS# 224910)
  • Grant Clinton, Production Manager (NMLS# 273297)
  • Zander Blunt, Branch Manager (NMLS# 188473)
  • Justin Ardoyno, Production Manager (NMLS# 892163)
  • Lisa Nicholas, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 113687)
  • Angela Demaris, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 403692)
  • Thomas Hart, Production Manager (NMLS# 404296)
  • Brandon Walters, Loan Originator (NMLS# 1199320)
  • Stephen Betterton, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 404702)
  • Kathy York, Production Manager (NMLS# 298978)
  • Angie Mata-Ramirez, Production Manager (NMLS# 457547)
  • Erica Howard, Production Manager (NMLS# 701999)
  • Gerard McGuinness, Production Manager (NMLS# 99280)
  • Chad Crithfield, Production Manager (NMLS# 405719)
  • Antoine Tur, Branch Manager (NMLS# 589654)
  • David Wade, Branch Manager (NMLS# 657852)
  • Sharon Crockett, Production Manager (NMLS# 114230)
  • Jeremy Lawson, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 356536)
  • Robert Wolfe Jr., Production Manager (NMLS# 376414)
  • Patrick Pittman, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 179696)
  • Veronica Platero, Production Manager (NMLS# 276642)
  • Mark Raskin, Branch Manager (NMLS# 176513)
  • D'angelo Williams, Production Manager (NMLS# 1149197)
  • Fay Hamadanchy Production Manager, (NMLS# 221329)
  • Julie Howell, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 176775)
  • David Debowsky, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 176694)
  • Arianny Arias, Production Manager (NMLS# 1039781)
  • Doug Enger, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 461741)
  • Jason Marschall, Branch Manager (NMLS# 208786)
  • Scott Caroselli, Loan Originator (NMLS# 176772)
  • Jillian Heuer, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 409980)
  • Amber Ruiz, Loan Originator (NMLS# 630442)
  • Debbie Cowan, Branch Manager (NMLS# 455486)
  • Kathy Morris, Branch Manager (NMLS# 451750)
  • Joe Ballerino, Production Manager (NMLS# 785366)
  • Stuart Sandor, Production Manager (NMLS# 365634)
  • Danielle Hall, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 1157928)
  • Jessica Washington, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 404018)
  • Michael Philibin, Branch Manager (NMLS# 418684)
  • Kristi Miller, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 507276)
  • Jeremy Noyes, Branch Manager (NMLS# 793573)
  • Roger Cazares Jr, Branch Manager (NMLS# 910634)
  • John Jeffries, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 653809)
  • Kenzie Voyles, Loan Originator (NMLS# 1825016)
  • Tyler Gwilliams, Production Manager (NMLS# 887663)
  • Cindi Pegg, Production Manager (NMLS# 653687)
  • Diane Castro, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 641533)
  • Mandy Knerr, Loan Originator (NMLS# 438983)
  • Trisha Hengler, Branch Manager (NMLS# 1692807)
  • Iris Guzman, Loan Originator (NMLS# 286700)
  • Gary Fitzgerald II, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 403745)
  • Amber Whipp, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 1816745)
  • Katie Colberg, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 439621)
  • Patti Click, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 716314)
  • Linda Spurlock, Loan Originator (NMLS# 583596)
  • Joe Ridings, Production Manager (NMLS# 442693)
  • Rachelle Aaron, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 179589)
  • Bryan Baldwin, Loan Originator (NMLS# 664094)
  • Thomas Roth, Branch Manager (NMLS# 528125)
  • Michael Hartnett, Branch Manager (NMLS# 207733)
  • Ryan Swindull, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 2090050)
  • Jeff Coady, Branch Manager (NMLS# 800302)
  • Amanda Jones, Loan Originator (NMLS# 2143555)

Highland HomeLoans (NMLS: 124684)

  • Doug Dreiman, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 621447)
  • Reggie Baker, Loan Originator (NMLS# 873648)
  • Jaquel Burns, Branch Manager (NMLS# 287244)
  • Matthew Brewer, Loan Originator (NMLS# 1255854)
  • Hank Jackson, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 780985)
  • Amy Crowell, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 536239)
  • Lindsay Bruce, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 212543)
  • Jonathan Knoblock, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 270292)
  • Debbie McGregor, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 463048)
  • Amanda LeBoeuf, Production Manager (NMLS# 208091)
  • David Ponder, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 294557)
  • Mike McCally, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 620953)
  • John Vassalli, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 475522)
  • Nancy Jackson, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 208090)
  • Cheryl Jablon, Loan Originator (NMLS# 281251)
  • Troy Schleski, Loan Originator (NMLS# 1169565)
  • Rene Alvarez, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 1089625)
  • Beau Weiss, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS# 1197183)

2024 Scotsman Guide Top Originator awards are based on reported 2023 production volume.

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