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As Of Date: 17-Jun-2019

Evaluate Put and Call Open Interest lists for equities, with filters for Put/Call Ratios, and daily percent Open Interest change.

Open interest (OI) is a static, end of trading day count of the total number of option contracts that are currently open, market-wide. OI is calculated once a day by the OCC after the close of the trading day, and made available at the start of the next trading day, for the "As of Date" listed above. The figures are not updated on an intraday basis. Examining open interest changes and trends provides useful insight when evaluating an option or equity investment.

Use the filters to further refine the data, by custom Watchlist, Call & Put OI, daily percent change in OI, and Put/Call Ratio, changes versus 20-day OI moving average. Sort the table columns by clicking on column headings. For example, click on Put/Call ratio to rank symbols from low to high, and evaluate possible high or low OI trends for a list of specific equities. Click on the icons in the Symbols column to view more information on the specific stock. Use the Search box to filter the table by keyword.

To learn more about Open Interest, click here.

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