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View all of today's option trades for AAOI listed options. An option trade summary, available in a separate tab below, splits volume by Calls and Puts, and Out-of-the-Money vs. At-the-Money vs. In-the-Money. Trading Edge is defined herein as the difference between the trade price and the midpoint of the best-bid/best-offer market. Use the drop-down to view trades from previous trading days.

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1: The Side describes the relation of the trade price to the NBBO bid and ask prices:

  • Below: Price is below the bid
  • Bid: Price is at the bid
  • Mid: Price is between the bid and ask
  • Ask: Price is at the ask
  • Above: Price is higher than the ask
  • Other: cross market, no market, etc.

2: Option trade condition codes:

  • Regular: Transaction was a regular sale without stated conditions
  • AutoExecution: Transaction was executed electronically; Processed like a regular trade
  • IntermarketSweep: Transaction was the execution of an order identified as an Intermarket Sweep Order
  • StockContingent: Transaction represents multi-leg option/stock trade
  • MultiLeg: Transaction represents a leg of a multi-leg option trade
  • MultiLegProprietaryProduct: Transaction represents execution of a proprietary product such as index options non-electronic. The trade price may be outside the current NBBO.