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AIF’s primary investment objective is to seek current income with a secondary objective of preservation of capital. AIF will seek to achieve its investment objectives primarily by allocating its assets among different types of credit instruments based on absolute and relative value considerations and its analysis of the credit markets. This ability to dynamically allocate AIF’s assets may result in AIF’s portfolio becoming concentrated in a particular type of credit instrument (such as Senior Loans or high-yield corporate bonds) and substantially less invested in other types of credit instruments. Under normal market conditions, at least 80% of AIF’s managed assets will be invested in credit instruments and investments with similar economic characteristics. For purposes of this policy, “credit instruments” will include Senior Loans, subordinated loans, high-yield corporate bonds, notes, bills, debentures, distressed securities, mezzanine securities, structured products (including, without limitation, collateralized debt obligations (“CDOs”) , collateralized loan obligations (“CLOs”) and asset-backed securities), bank loans, corporate loans, convertible and preferred securities, government and municipal obligations, mortgage-backed securities, repurchase agreements, and other fixed-income instruments of a similar nature that may be represented by derivatives such as options, forwards, futures contracts or swap agreements. This policy and AIF’s investment objectives are not fundamental and may be changed by the board of directors of AIF (together with the board of directors of AFT, the “Board of Directors” or “Board”) with at least 60 days’ prior written notice provided to shareholders. AIF will seek to preserve capital to the extent consistent with its primary investment objective. AIF’s ability to achieve capital preservation may be limited by its investment in credit instruments that have speculative characteristics. There can be no assurance that AIF will achieve its investment objectives.
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