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AOTG ETF Profile

Name: AOT Growth and Innovation ETF
Inception Date: 29-Jun-2022
Termination Date:
Investment Objective: The Fund is an actively managed exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in U.S. listed equity securities that have high growth potential based on a low marginal cost business model. The Sub-Adviser invests substantially all of the Fund's assets in equity securities of companies that the Sub-Adviser believes are capable of future growth due to low marginal cost business models. The Sub-Adviser considers a company to have a low marginal cost business model if the company can deliver a greater amount of its goods or services without materially increasing the company's costs. Such cost structures, in the Sub-Adviser's view, yield greater profits, which can then be used to accelerate growth in existing markets and exploit growth in new markets. For example, a software company that sells its software to customers through the internet would have low incremental cost for each unit sold, which yields higher profits, which can then be used to expand sales.
Top 10 Holdings
Advanced Micro Devices Inc AMD 10.9400%
NVIDIA Corp NVDA 8.1800%
Microsoft Corp MSFT 6.1300%
Alphabet Inc GOOGL 5.6800%
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd TSM 5.3700%
Amazon.com Inc AMZN 5.3400%
Toast Inc TOST 4.7900%
NU Holdings Ltd/Cayman Islands NU 4.7500%
Salesforce Inc CRM 3.7800%
Top 10 Holdings Weight: 57.5%
Number of Holdings: 56
Shares Outstanding: 960,000
Total Net Assets: 34,905,600
NAV: 36.35
Net Expense Ratio: 0.75%
Asset Class: Equities (Stocks)
Developed or Emerging: Developed Market Funds
Country: US
Dividend Type:
Tax Exempt State:
Maturity Duration:
Market Cap: Broad Market / Multi-Cap
Credit Quality:
Mortgage Bond Types:
Bond Type:
Gov't Bond Types:
Reit Type:
Leverage Direction/Factor:
Is Currency Hedged: No
US or Ex-US: Domestic