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ARP ETF Profile

Family: PMV Capital
Name: PMV Adaptive Risk Parity ETF
Inception Date: 21-Dec-2022
Termination Date:
Investment Objective: The Fund is an actively managed ETF that achieves its objective by taking advantage of broad asset trends throughout the economic cycle. The Adviser actively monitors asset class pricing trends to determine characteristics used for portfolio construction, including measurements of risk, returns, and asset correlations. The Adviser then uses this information to inform the security selection process for the Fund, with an emphasis on securities that have had better recent performance compared to other securities under similar market conditions. The Fund will obtain investment exposure to a variety of asset classes, including equities (primarily U.S. equities, non U.S. developed market equities, and emerging market equities), fixed income securities including U.S. Treasuries, broad commodities (specifically, a diverse group of heavily traded commodities across the energy, precious metals, industrial metals and agriculture sectors), physical gold, currencies, and cash. The Fund operates in a manner that is commonly referred to as a "fund of funds" and obtains investment exposure to the asset classes described above primarily by investing in one or more ETPs, including ETFs and exchange-traded commodity pools, designed to track the performance of such asset classes.
Top 10 Holdings
Top 10 Holdings Weight:
Number of Holdings:
Shares Outstanding: 850,000
Total Net Assets: 22,477,060
NAV: 26.44
Net Expense Ratio: 1.38%
Asset Class: Target Date / Multi-Asset
Developed or Emerging: Funds Combining Developed & Emerging Exposure
Dividend Type:
Tax Exempt State:
Maturity Duration:
Market Cap:
Credit Quality:
Mortgage Bond Types:
Bond Type:
Gov't Bond Types:
Reit Type:
Leverage Direction/Factor:
Is Currency Hedged: No
US or Ex-US: Global