GOOGL Bullish Calendar Call Spread Appears to be a Bargain at 93 Cents

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This GOOGL Calendar Call Spread Can Net 378%

Bullish play with a target stock price of $145

Strategy has +378% upside potential and 26% undervalued

Strategy: GOOGL Calendar Call Spread
Sell 17-Nov-23 145 Call1.46
Buy 15-Dec-23 145 Call2.39

Alphabet - Class A has seen its price gain +0.4% today to $130.79. Today's price action is showing strength in both the stock and the overall market. Setting up this calendar spread with strikes at $145 gives you a bullish bias to tap into GOOGL stock's strength.

Option Profit Calculator Results for GOOGL Calendar Spread at 17-Nov-23 Expiration

In this scenario, the optimal stock price for the option strategy would be $145.00 on the date of the first expiration, November 17, 2023. This is equal to the strike price of the options in the spread. Since both GOOGL and the market are showing upward pressure, and the strikes are above the current stock price of $130.80, the spread is taking advantage of this bullish momentum. If the stock price is $145.00 at expiration, we can benefit from the 17-Nov-23 call, which we sold, expiring worthless, and the option that we are long, the 15-Dec-23 call, will still have time premium built in.

Since we do now know what the exact implied volatility will be on November 17, we can use our historical data to make an educated estimate to help us calculate the value of the 15-Dec-23 option. Applying the median historical implied volatility of 26.1 from similar options, the theoretical value of the call is 4.45 at the date of the 17-Nov-23 expiration. Using the above assumptions gives us a potential upside of +378% for this calendar spread.

GOOGL Calendar Spread Value vs. Market Price

According to Market Chameleon estimated value, GOOGL Calendar Spread is trading at a 26% discount to historical benchmark.

If we use historical data to measure how similar spreads in GOOGL were priced in the market, the 4-year average price was 1.25, with a high mark of 1.53 and a low of 0.91.

Currently, the calendar call spread is bid at 0.90 and offered at 0.93. The midpoint of the spread is 0.92.

If we use 1.25 as our historical fair value benchmark, the current market ask price is at a 26% discount, while the current market midpoint represents a 27% discount.

Current PriceHistorical Values of Similar Spreads
Market Chameleon captures daily records of market data to calculate historical benchmarks and generate estimated values.


The GOOGL calendar call spread we've identified here can be a good way to play a bullish outlook because the option strategy has a +378% upside potential, is 26% underpriced relative to historical measures, and will benefit from the stock price moving higher to $145.

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