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Albertsons Companies Class A (ACI) Frequently Asked Questions

What does Albertsons Companies Class A do?

Albertsons is the second-largest traditional grocer in America, operating 2,276 stores under 24 banners in 34 states (as of the end of fiscal 2021). Around 75% of stores have pharmacies, while nearly 20% also sell fuel. Albertsons has a significant private-label operation, accounting for around 20% of sales (excluding fuel). While its own brand assortment is mainly manufactured by third parties, Albertsons operates 20 food production plants (as of the end of fiscal 2021). Albertsons is a top-two grocer in two thirds of its major markets (as of early 2022, according to company data), and virtually all of its sales come from the United States. Narrow-moat Kroger has offered to acquire Albertsons in a $25 billion deal; if the transaction is approved by regulators, it should close in 2024.

What symbol and exchange does Albertsons Companies Class A stock trade?

Albertsons Companies Class A trades on the NYSE stock market under the symbol ACI.

What is Albertsons Companies Class A stock price doing today?

As of February 3, 2023, ACI stock price climbed to $21.40 with 1,444,288 million shares trading.

What is Albertsons Companies Class A's Beta?

ACI has a beta of 1.10, meaning it tends to be more sensitive to market movements. ACI has a correlation of 0.17 to the broad based SPY ETF.

How much is Albertsons Companies Class A worth?

ACI has a market cap of $11.46 billion. This is considered a Large Cap stock.

How much money does Albertsons Companies Class A make?

Last quarter Albertsons Companies Class A reported $18 billion in Revenue and $.87 earnings per share. This beat revenue expectation by $515 million and exceeded earnings estimates by $.20.

What are the top ETFs holding Albertsons Companies Class A?

The top ETF exchange traded funds that ACI belongs to (by Net Assets): VTI, COWZ, VO, VXF, VOE.

Is Albertsons Companies Class A (ACI) a good investment?

ACI has outperformed the market in the last year with a return of +25.0%, while the SPY ETF lost -6.3%. However, in the most recent history, ACI shares have underperformed the stock market with its stock returning +2.9% in the last 3 month period and +2.4% for the last 2 week period, while SPY has returned +11.6% and +4.2%, respectively.

What is the support and resistance for Albertsons Companies Class A (ACI) stock price?

ACI support price is $21.17 and resistance is $21.51 (based on 1 day standard deviation move). This means that using the most recent 20 day stock volatility and applying a one standard deviation move around the stock's closing price, stastically there is a 67% probability that ACI stock will trade within this expected range on the day.