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Allurion Technologies (ALUR) Frequently Asked Questions

What does Allurion Technologies do?

Allurion Technologies Inc is a medical device company that focuses on creating a best-in-class weight loss platform to treat overweight patients. Its platform, the Allurion Program, features the world's first and only swallowable, procedure-less intragastric balloon for weight loss and offers access to AI-powered remote patient monitoring tools, a proprietary behavior change program, secure messaging, and video telehealth that are delivered by the Allurion VCS. Its proprietary intragastric balloon, the Allurion Balloon, is in the form of a swallowed capsule that is administered to patients under the guidance of a healthcare provider without surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia.

What symbol and exchange does Allurion Technologies stock trade?

Allurion Technologies trades on the NYSE stock market under the symbol ALUR.

What is Allurion Technologies stock price doing today?

As of June 12, 2024, ALUR stock price climbed to $1.39 with 65,918 million shares trading.

What is Allurion Technologies's Beta?

ALUR has a beta of 1.60, meaning it tends to be more sensitive to market movements. ALUR has a correlation of 0.03 to the broad based SPY ETF.

How much is Allurion Technologies worth?

ALUR has a market cap of $66.65 million. This is considered a Micro Cap stock.

How much money does Allurion Technologies make?

Last quarter Allurion Technologies reported $9 million in Revenue and $.11 earnings per share. This beat revenue expectation by $186,000 and exceeded earnings estimates by $.41.

What are the top ETFs holding Allurion Technologies?

The top ETF exchange traded funds that ALUR belongs to (by Net Assets): VXF, JSML.

What is the support and resistance for Allurion Technologies (ALUR) stock price?

ALUR support price is $1.15 and resistance is $1.34 (based on 1 day standard deviation move). This means that using the most recent 20 day stock volatility and applying a one standard deviation move around the stock's closing price, stastically there is a 67% probability that ALUR stock will trade within this expected range on the day.