SPY: Stocks with Huge Volume Spikes

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S&P 500 has seen increased institutional selling: Sell Imbalance reaches -$47.2 million

Following the Big Money in S&P 500 Stocks

So far in trading today, the S&P 500 ETF is unchanged. SPY stock last traded at $453.36. Large volume bursts in S&P 500 stocks reached 31.4 million shares worth a total of $4.1 billion in transactions. There was notable buy pressure in the Communication Services and Consumer Staples sectors. Overall, buy volume pressure and sell volume pressure were fairly similar during trading. There were 110 stocks that had more buy pressure on balance, and 86 stocks that had more sell pressure from large institutions. As a whole, there was a net negative -$47.2 million in dollar volume trades. A greater amount of the trading volume occurred on lit exchanges, at 55.8%, compared with 44.2% being transacted in the dark pool. To learn more about large volume trades, check out our help section.

Daily Chart: Large Volume Bursts Over Time

As you can see from the chart below, the most recent cumulative sell imbalance is -$47.2 million, however, the furthest sell imbalance for the day occurred at 1:30 PM, when the net sell dollar volume was -$245.1 million. The highest cumulative buy imbalance occurred at 10:00 AM, when the net buy hit +$184.9 million. The largest spike in imbalance came between 10:15 AM and 10:30 AM when the sell pressure surpassed the buy pressure by a 10.2 to 1 ratio.

Flow by Sector

Technology had the largest dollar volume bursts of all the SPDR sectors, with sell dollar volume exceeding buy dollar volume by $99.5 million. 10 of the Technology stocks had positive dollar balance, versus 15 that were net negative.

Individual Stocks

TSLA stock had the single biggest volume burst activity of all the S&P 500 stocks. Buy volume bursts outpaced sell volume by 699,007 shares. As of this afternoon, the average purchase price on buy volume was $240.91. The stock has rallied $5.92, indicating strength following the trade.