Market Chameleon Data Feeds Overview

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Do you need raw data to power your proprietary pricing model or web site? Perhaps you wish create a data-driven newsletter and seek raw data to perform an analysis? Do you have an exciting idea for a new financial blog but lack the data to turn it into reality? Do you require dependable delivery of machine-readable data that simply cannot be matched by manual data entry or web scraping? Do you have a page on your web site that can benefit from additional data? We‘d like to help.


Market Chameleon offers Widgets that can be integrated onto virtually any web site.

Ready-To-Use Data

Market Chameleon is pleased to offer our ever-expanding catalog ready-to-use data feeds on a subscription basis:

Subscriber-Specified Data

Let Market Chameleon create a data feed based on your requirements ! Our developers can combine the data that powers into one-time historical, daily or intra-day feeds formatted and delivered to you according to your specifications.

Accessing and Using Data

The ready-to-use data feeds are available as CSV (comma separated value) files. A CSV file is a universal format that can be opened in MS Excel, any text editor or used with virtually any programming language. Files can be downloaded manually using a web browser, FTP client or a WebDAV virtual drive as described in the Manual Access document. Automating downloads is achieved using virtually any scripting or programming language. The Automated Downloads document provides suggestions on ways a developer can automate downloads. Some data feed files are compressed using zip format to reduce size and download time.


  • Proprietary Traders
  • Market-makers
  • Asset managers
  • Trading Application front ends
  • Academic researchers
  • Bloggers, journalists
  • Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs)

Licensing & Terms

Data feeds are typically licensed to the Subscriber on a month-to-month term using to one of these three usage models:

  • Personal use – for the subscriber’s personal use only
  • Internal use – for a small firm or department of a large firm
  • External redistribution – for external dissemination including re-selling

Academic discounts are available.

Contact Us

To subscribe or to ask a question about the data feeds or widgets contact us by email at .