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Stock Price
Open: 961.40
Prev. Close: 960.57
Low/Hi: 954.65 - 965.43
52-Week: 710.10 - 1083.31
Equity: 3,270,032
90-Day Avg: 3,787,205
Option: 155,663
90-Day Avg: 126,964
Todays Stock Vol: 10.3
20-Day (HV): 23.5
52-Week (HV): 18.9
30-Day IV: 20.8 -0.6
IV Pct Rank: 45% Moderate
Div. Yield: 0.0%
Earnings: 25-Oct (Est.)
P/E Ratio: 237.76
Market Cap: 461.4 B
Stock Type: Common
Sector: Services
Industry: Catalog & Mail Order Houses
Stock Type: Common | Sector: Services | Industry: Catalog & Mail Order Houses

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Amazon: What Trump And Other Don't Get

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Uber Settles With FTC Over Second Consumer Deception Case This Year

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Amazon: Earnings Are Not The Holy Grail

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Why You Should Buy FB, AMZN, GOOG: SunTrust

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Amazon Leads on Machine Learning: AWS Manager

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Netflix to Spend $7B on Content in 2018

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The Market In 5 Minutes

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Retail To Finish Q2 Earnings Season As Challenges Continue

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Retail Earnings: Target And Wal-Mart To Report Q2 Results This Week

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Amazon Debuts 'Instant Pickup' on College Campuses

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Amazon Launches 'Instant Pickup' on University Campuses

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How Amazon Could Benefit from the Deal with Robert Kirkman

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Amazon: 10 Secrets You Didn't Know (AMZN)

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Amazon: AI To Drive Competitive Advantage

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Dash Wand Reveals Amazon’s Grocery Strategy

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Hulu Partners With Amazon Web Services for Live TV

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Amazon announces AWS Macie security tool, Glue ETL service

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Amazon Announces A Pair Of Cloud Service Wins With Hulu, FICO

at (Mon, 14-Aug 11:25 AM) Stock's Rally Loses Steam, Tests 50-Day MA

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Amazon announces two new AWS customers

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The Top 4 Amazon Shareholders (AMZN)

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The Market In 5 Minutes

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Amazon ending its LoveFilm by Post in remaining markets

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Amazon's Impact

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Why Whole Foods Is Amazon's Biggest Risk

at (Mon, 14-Aug 6:00 AM)

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