Dividend energy stocks with low volatility

Energy stocks typically pay dividends historically higher than the full list of dividend payers in the S&P 500. As a sector strategy, choosing larger companies, with high yields and consistent dividend history from this list can complement a well-structured portfolio.


  • Stock Attributes: Stocks that are in the Energy sector.
  • Dividend Fundamentals: Dividend yield above 3%; at least 1 dividend increase in the last 3 years; has not decreased its dividend in the last 3 years when measured from one payment to the next.
  • Technical Indicators and Risk Profile: IV30 (the forward implied volatility rate) is below 20; 1-year volatility is below 20; implied volatility rank below its 50th percentile (moderate to subdued); current price is above 20-day, 50-day, and 252-day moving average.
Symbol Name Price % Chg Market Cap Dividend
1-Yr Volatility IV30 IV % Rank % From
20-Day MA
% From
50-Day MA
% From
250-Day MA