Best Dividend Stocks Near 52 Week High Price

Long term value based investors often develop strategies that follow stable stocks with continued upward positive momentum. Market research has shown that those companies which have outperformed in the past year, have a likelihood of continuing to outperform in coming quarters. We compile a list of large market capitalization stocks with consistent dividends that have positive market momentum.


  • Stock Attributes: Market Cap is over $1 Billion.
  • Dividend Fundamentals: Dividend yield above 3%; 3 dividend increases in the last 3 years; has not decreased its dividend in the last 3 years when measured from one payment to the next.
  • Technical Indicators and Risk Profile: Current stock price is within 5% of 52 week high; current price is above 20-day, 50-day, and 252-day moving average; IV30 (the forward implied volatility rate) is below 20; implied volatility rank below its 50th percentile (moderate to subdued).
Symbol Name Price % Chg Market Cap Dividend
IV30 IV Rank % From
20-Day MA
% From
50-Day MA
% From
250-Day MA
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