Best Dividend stocks that are rebounding from their 52-week low

Momentum investors examine key technical indicators to find good investment candidates. A popular "contrarian" strategy is to invest in companies whose stock prices are rebounding from recent lows. These stocks may be oversold, and offer higher dividend yields than their historical averages, due to their lower price. This approach is similar to the "Dogs of Dow" strategy, where the ten highest yield Dow 30 stocks in the past year become investment candidates for the next year. Research has shown that this approach can often generate consistent excess returns over the S&P 500 index over time.


  • Stock Attributes: Market Cap over $1B..
  • Dividend Fundamentals: Dividend yield above 3%; at least 3 dividend increases in the last 3 years; has not decreased its dividend in the last 3 years when measured from one payment to the next.
  • Technical Indicators and Risk Profile: Current stock price is within 10% of its 52-week low price and above its 20-day moving average and at least twice as far away from the 52-week high than the 52-week low.
Symbol Name Price % Chg Market Cap Dividend
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20-Day MA
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