How to Find a Stocks Historical Price Moves Around Earnings

What are historical stock moves around earnings?

Trading volume usually increases when a company reports earnings because this is a major binary event. If you are considering a trade set up, a look back at historical stock moves around earnings can give you insights how the stock behaved in the past. Market Chameleon Historical Stock Price Moves Around Earnings report helps you get a perspective of a stocks historical return distribution around earnings.

How to find a stocks historical price moves around earnings in Market Chameleon?

Go to the historical stock price pattern, on the Market Chameleon platform, by first going to the stock of your choice.

1. Type in a symbol in the search box and then click Search. As you can see, in the image the symbol AAPL was entered.

2. After you type in the symbol, you will arrive at the main page (AAPL in this example). Select Stock Patterns from the left hand side menu bar as shown in the image.

Navigate to the stock price moves around earnings page