Step-By-Step Guide: Subscribing to MarketChameleon through Your Interactive Brokers Account

Does Market Chameleon have a relationship with Interactive Brokers (IBKR)?

If you are an Interactive Brokers customer, you can now subscribe directly from IBKR to Market Chameleon Premium Membership.

If you need help or are experiencing any issues, here is a link to contact IBKR support

What are the benefits of subscribing to Market Chameleon through Interactive Brokers?

As an added benefit, through our IBKR relationship, you will get an extended 30 day free trial and if you continue with your membership there is no need for a credit card. The cost of research tools will be deducted directly from your IBKR trading account.

Which requirements does Interactive Brokers impose on customers to create a Market Chameleon membership?

A live, funded brokerage account is required. Paper accounts are not eligible. One free trial is allowed per account. Before you begin to follow the steps in this guide, make sure that you are logged into your live IBKR account.

How do I subscribe to Market Chameleon from Interactive Brokers?

Click the following link to the Market Chameleon subscription page on Interactive Brokers

Login to Interactive Brokers

Go to the Interactive Brokers configure third-party research page to start your subscription to Market Chameleon

Click the checkbox next to Market Chameleon under Research Subscription Service and then click continue button

Navigate to Interactive Brokers to subscribe to Market Chameleon

Click the continue button to configure the password for Market Chameleon

Interactive Brokers Select Market Chameleon Third-Party Research

Configure the password for Market Chameleon and then click on "Save"

Interactive Brokers Configure Market Chameleon Login

After you finish the configuration then click "Close"

Interactive Brokers Send Login Information to Market Chameleon

You will see a page that says "PENDING...", then click the "Continue" button

Interactive Brokers Wait for Market Chameleon Confirmation of User Login

To finish and confirm your subscription request, click the "Ok" button

Interactive Brokers Receive Confirmation from Market Chameleon for New User

If you see the message "Your Research Subscriptions have been confirmed", then IBKR will send a request to Market Chameleon to have your login and membership created. Once the membership is live on Market Chameleon, you will receive a "welcome" email from Market Chameleon that contains instructions for accessing your new membership. Note that there is a delay between the instant your research subscription request is confirmed by IBKR and the instant that your membership becomes accessible on Market Chameleon. During business hours, the delay is typically on the order of one or two hours but on weekends it can extend until the start of next business day.